May. 06


Top Trend at the Designer Showhouse of Westchester

by Lynn Byrne

Lucite Ping Pong Table

Lucite love around the web

Attending showhouses (or reading the blogs of those who do *wink*), is a great way to gauge trends.  When you put a posse of top designers in one venue and themes emerge, it is easy to discern what is hot!

At the Designer Showhouse of Westchester, it became quite clear (pun intended), that including lucite in your designs continues to signal a chic space.  Lucite, in novel and more familar forms, was everywhere. Take a look:

Pretty lucite floor lamps and coffee table with curving lucite base. Designer, Carey Karlan from Last Detail Interior Design

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May. 03


My Perfect Pesto

by Lynn Byrne


Filed under FOODIE FRIDAY.

I promised a while back that I would revive Foodie Friday—my column where I feature a kitchen and a recipe, so, drumroll please,  here it is.

I held back because I don’t always measure when I cook.  Plus, I knew my photography was mheh.  So, I am starting with my easiest recipe.  Of course, it figures that my sons’ favorite meal turns out to be the simplest thing I cook. (So under appreciated *wink*.)

Whenever I make pasta with pesto sauce, I need to make enough pesto for 2 pounds of pasta or they are incensed! They eat the leftovers for breakfast, lunch and snacks, until it’s all gone.

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May. 02


ART SCHOOL: From Lucian Freud to Pamela Copeman

by Lynn Byrne


“Woman in a White Shirt” (1957), Oil on Canvas, Lucian Freud

“I paint people not because of what they are like, not exactly in spite of what they are like, but how they happen to be.”

 Lucian Freud

The idea behind my new column, Art School, is to give people more confidence when purchasing art.  It’s true that you really can’t go wrong, if you buy what you love.  Still, studying famous artists and works of art from the past does help you recognize emerging talent.  With Art School, I will feature 5 things to know about an artist or work of art in art history and suggest a contemporary artist whose work is complimentary.  I will do my best to choose contemporary artists whose works are also affordable.  So without further ado…

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May. 01



by Lynn Byrne

design dictionary-escutcheon

Flower-like escutcheon on faucet

“If you are going to walk the walk, you should talk the talk.”

Escutcheon: A decorative metal back plate or flange that surrounds a keyhole, door handle, light switch, etc.  It also refers to a similar metal plate that fits over a keyhole and pivots on a pin to expose or hide the hole.  Escutcheon also is the term for the shield in a coat of arms, which sometimes is used as a decorative device on furniture.

Escutcheon with stepping detail for a very pretty doorknob

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Apr. 30


Great Gatsby Style at the Designer Showhouse of Westchester

by Lynn Byrne

westchester showhouse connsevatory bamboo desk view


“Her voice is full of money….that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbals’ song of it.”

F. Scott Fitzegerald, The Great Gatsby

Dying to see The Great Gatsby?  Can a house be like Daisy?

Look at these images of the Designer Showhouse of  Westchester and see if you agree that it makes you feel like you could host Daisy and Jay there for drinks.

Yesterday I was fortunate to receive a private press preview of the the Designer Showhouse of Westchester and I left ready to shop vintage couture. The Showhouse, which benefits Cerebral Palsy of Westchester, is held in a gorgeous pile in the estate section of Scarsdale, just around the corner from where Beyonce has a place.  It is the sort of home that comes with  custom de Gournay wallpaper lining the foyer and stairhall, and gorgeous windows and moldings throughout.

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