Nov. 14


DESIGN DICTIONARY: Mullion, Muntin, Stile and Jamb + Other Key Parts of a Window

by Lynn Byrne


“If you are going to walk the walk, you should talk the talk.”

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.” –Socrates 

Mullion, muntin, stile and jamb may sound a bit like a nursery rhyme but considering how much we like to “dress” them and the important contribution windows make to architectural beauty, it is important to know the names of the key parts, don’t you think?

MULLION:  a strip of wood or metal within, but not at either end, holding the panes of glass in a window.  This term is synonymous with MUNTIN.  The vertical piece on either end is called the STILE (see below)

JAMB : the  vertical parts that form the outer sides of a window frame.  This piece does not move up and down.  

SASH: this is the part that moves up and down. It is the frame holding the panes of a window. Usually there is an upper sash and a lower sash.  The  vertical part of the sash is the STILE.  The horizontal part of the sash is the  RAIL.









design dictionary window pic

BlogTour-London-Waving-the-FlagPhoto credits: first image.  Window diagram. pink and blue window  heart window  orange window   map shade breeze photo by Bruce Berrien  arch window  kitchen window woman  last image my own, a throwback from Blogtour London

Nov. 12


Painterly Palette

by Lynn Byrne

The Child's Bath Mary Cassatt

The Child’s Bath
Mary Cassatt

mary cassat 5 colors

Mary Cassatt lived in an era where women’s lives were home-based, with simple daily activities like taking tea, caring for their children, reading and sewing.  She chose to abandon that lifestyle, against her family’s wishes,  and become a painter.  Interestingly, however, her best know works celebrate the typical daily life of woman and children.  An American born painter (she was born in my hometown of Pittsburgh PA), she spent most of her life in Paris.

Pantone colors from left to right: Pantone 1797, Pantone, 14-1119 Winter Wheat, Pantone 11-4804 Lightest Sky, Pantone 15-2706 Violet Ice, Pantone 18-00119 Willow Bough

Yep, another new column.  In Painterly Palette, I will select a famous painting and artist that you should know and pull out 5 of the colors. I chose to use the universal Pantone color system because you can easily reproduce any hue that you might wish to copy.


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