Jul. 11


NOW AND THEN: Cross Stitch

by Lynn Byrne

This charming kitchen scene seems appropriate when you first think of cross stitch.  Fine if you like vintage and country–and you know I do.  Found all over the world, it is one of the oldest forms of embroidery.

Cross stitch from Hungary, middle of the 20th century

But here is cross stitch as you have never seen it before.

Rugs, upholstery, cool!

From Spanish company, Gan.


Supersized and hung on the wall–love it for a beach house and available for sale here.

And not stitched at all but  painted as a wall mural.

Cross stitch is surprisingly hip!

Kinda makes you want to:


Photo credits: 1.2.  5.6

Jun. 19


NOW AND THEN: Dreamy English Country Cottages by Colefax and Fowler

by Lynn Byrne

Wendy Nicholls' back hall

Anyone who takes a serious interest in design has heard of Colefax & Fowler and can recollect their charming look: chintz, botanical prints, nuanced layers and plenty of real life plants and flowers.  Out in the English countryside it oozes romance and serenity.

But today, it is rare to see a home done by the firm in publication.  Colefax & Fowler clients tend to place a high value on privacy.

In fact, while all design afficiandos know the firm’s founders Sibyl Colefax, John Fowler and Nancy Lancaster, even today’s current managing director Wendy Nicholls  keeps a very low profile.  She has been at it for 40 years, yet you may have never heard of her.

How lucky we are that she let World of Interiors in to shoot her country cottage—only permitted because she just sold it.

She explained in the magazine that said she refused publication before because it wasn’t very representative of the work she typically does for clients

OK, if you say so Wendy.   A peek at John Fowler’s beloved country home, Hunting Lodge,  shows marked similarities to Wendy’s place in the country.  So much so that, without a caption, you might mistake these images as coming from the same house.

Come on in to this dreamy idyllic world. 

Entry at Wendy Nicholl's house

Entry at Hunting Lodge

Wendy Nicholls' dining room

Sitting room at Hunting Lodge

The hall and staircase at Hunting Lodge

Dining room at Hunting Lodge

Wendy Nicholls' main bedroom

Main bedroom at Hunting Lodge


Ready for a summer visit?

Wendy Nicholls' guest room

Photo credits: Wendy Nicholls’ house photographed by Simon Upton for World of Interiors.  Photos of the Hunting Lodge scanned from the book, John Fowler, Prince of Decorators by Martin Wood

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