Feb. 03


NOW AND THEN: Jewelry by Tony Duquette

by Lynn Byrne

I don't usually blog about fashion--you can head over to my tumblr to see some snaps of outfits that inspire me. But I simply can't resist anything to do with creative genius, Tony Duquette. By now you might have heard that Coach has launched a limited Read more [...]

Jan. 26


NOW AND THEN: Pendleton and Hudson Bay Blankets

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne.  Blankets are not just warm, they are HOT. I see blankets popping up all over the place as everyone's fresh new topper.   But, of course, the Pendleton and Hudson Bay variety have a rich history. HUDSON Read more [...]

Jan. 12


NOW AND THEN: Inspired by the Bloomsbury Group

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne.  When a designer talks about decor inspired by the Bloomsbury Group, they really mean the farmhouse known as Charleston in Sussex, England.  Charleston was exuberantly decorated primarily by artists, Vanessa Bell and her partner Read more [...]

Sep. 01


NOW AND THEN: Marimekko

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne.  Look how Marimekko has fancied up the plywood covering the construction of their new flagship store, currently being built in NYC.   I can't wait to see the finished store and learn what treasures lurk inside (and I will share it all Read more [...]

Jun. 22


NOW AND THEN: A Contemporary Montauk Beach House with a Whiff of Le Corbusier

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. This oceanfront beach house is on the market for $25,000,000.  It is being touted by the realtors (Corcoran) and Hamptons magazine as a modern masterpiece. It's very cool.  Some elements remind me of Le Corbusier. For one, the spiral Read more [...]
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