Jan. 26


NOW AND THEN: Pendleton and Hudson Bay Blankets

by Lynn Byrne


By Lynn Byrne.  Blankets are not just warm, they are HOT.

I see blankets popping up all over the place as everyone’s fresh new topper.  

New blanket offerings from Schoolhouse Electric

Dwell Studio's latest collaboration with Pendleton

Vintage (1974) blanket cape

But, of course, the Pendleton and Hudson Bay variety have a rich history.


The Hudson Bay Company actually preceded Pendleton by more than 100 years.  Hudson Bay has manufactured blankets since 1779 and are known best for its striped blankets in indigo, yellow, red and green as seen in the first photo above, although they do come in other colors.

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Jan. 12


NOW AND THEN: Inspired by the Bloomsbury Group

by Lynn Byrne



By Lynn Byrne.  When a designer talks about decor inspired by the Bloomsbury Group, they really mean the farmhouse known as Charleston in Sussex, England. 

Charleston was exuberantly decorated primarily by artists, Vanessa Bell and her partner Duncan Grant who moved there in 1916.  Vanessa’s husband Clive Bell, David Garnett and John Maynard Keyes also lived at Charleston for long periods.  Vanessa’s sister Virginia Woolf, her husband Leonard Woolf, Lytton Strachey and Roger Fry visited often.  It was (and is) considered a hot bed of creativity, emphasis on “hot bed.”  Everybody was sleeping with everybody else at various points.

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Sep. 01


NOW AND THEN: Marimekko

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne.  Look how Marimekko has fancied up the plywood covering the construction of their new flagship store, currently being built in NYC.   I can’t wait to see the finished store and learn what treasures lurk inside (and I will share it all right here).  It is scheduled to open this fall.

Jackie Kennedy made the brand famous in the US when she bought 8 dresses.

Photo via  Somelikeitvintage.com

 And Jackie-O wasn’t the only chic lady to rock Marimekko.

Carrie Bradshaw had some darn nice curtains made out of the stuff. 

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Jun. 22


NOW AND THEN: A Contemporary Montauk Beach House with a Whiff of Le Corbusier

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. This oceanfront beach house is on the market for $25,000,000.  It is being touted by the realtors (Corcoran) and Hamptons magazine as a modern masterpiece.

It’s very cool.  Some elements remind me of Le Corbusier.

For one, the spiral staircase and that the house is on pilings.

Compare this iconic spiral staircase at Villa Savoye  by Le Corbusier and the exterior of Villa Savoye.

 First photo from Faces of Design.  Second photo from Cool Boom.

Two, the beach house’s primary colors on the outside also are similar to buildings designed by Le Corbusier. 

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Apr. 22


NOW AND THEN: A Contemporary Connecticut Country House With A Provenance

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. This is a Peeping Tom post.  Really just an exercise in voyeurism.

While cleaning out my massive amount of glossie clips, I came across a photo of  the house built by Dorothy Rodgers, interior decorator and wife of composer Richard Rodgers.  Back in the 1960s, she wrote a book about her experience which I own, titled The House in My Head.

Dorothy was quite famous in her own right (not just as Richard’s wife) as a designer,  entrepreneur  and author.  The House in My Head was her second book. Click here to read about her first book,  My Favorite Things.

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