Jul. 18


FLASHBACK: How Does Calico Make Their Gorgeous Marbled Wallpaper?

by Lynn Byrne

Calico Wallpaper from their website

Calico Wallpaper from their website

Calico and its gorgeous marbled wallpaper has been warmly received by the design industry.  The Calico wallpaper installed in Carrier & Company’s  room in the 2014 Kips Bay Show House made it sing, but I first wrote about Calico more than a year before that installation.

Interior design by Carrier & Company. Wallpaper by Calico. Photography by Lynn Byrne

Interior design by Carrier & Company. Wallpaper by Calico.  Photography by Lynn Byrne

It’s fascinating how Calico makes their stunning paper and you may wish to take a look back at how they do the marbling process. For Calico, it all started with Hurricane Sandy, but the art of marbleizing itself began in Japan around 825 CE.

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Jul. 14



by Lynn Byrne

borne settee

Trianon Palace hotel in Versaille

“If you are going to walk the walk, you should talk the talk.”

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms”–Socrates


A type of settee, round or oval, with a pillar in the center. Originating in France, it began using an especially lavish form of tufting which was developed about 1830.  Borne means “milestone” in French which suggests the importance and large size of this design.  It demands a grand room.  For this reason, it is more commonly seen in commercial spaces like hotel lobbies where  the pillar is sometimes topped with flowers or even a fountain, but interior designers also have used the borne is residences for years.

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Jul. 11


Why Don’t You?

by Lynn Byrne

holiday house hamptons iris dankner bike

A bicycle with a basket of flowers reads quintessentially summertime.  So why don’t you bring that feeling inside your home.  

That is just what Iris Dankner did by adding this charming bicycle sculpture to her space at the 2014 Holiday House Hamptons.  Endearing.

Here are a few other charming moments in her kitchen and living room.  Love how she invites her guests for a cocktail.

Great dry goods storage in her kitchen.

And the quote in the painting?  If only it were always so.

All good food for your design thoughts

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Jul. 09


Designer Secrets: Michael Taylor Inspires James Huniford at Holiday House Hamptons

by Lynn Byrne


Interior design by Michael Taylor

Interior Design by Michael Taylor

Interior design by Michael Taylor

A close look at the room designed by James Huniford at Holiday House Hamptons suggests that he was keenly influenced by iconic interior designer Michael Taylor, whose work is shown above.  As we have seen before, a strong grasp of the signature style of design greats from the past can be hugely inspirational when tackling an empty room.

Do you know Michael Taylor?  He is most famous for his “California Look” which he developed in the 1970′s. Founding his own firm in 1956, Taylor  designed rooms and furniture till his death in 1986.  Here are 5 elements typically found in his work.

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Jun. 10


Country Strong

by Lynn Byrne

country living fair topiaries

As loyal readers know, I am a little bit country, but hardly any rock and roll!  When assessing my style, I don’t think “edgy” is a word that would roll off of your tongue.  A quick peek at my Manifesto page (which houses my design portfolio), will show that I go for a clean-lined elegance.   At least that is what I hope you get out of it. (Wink!)

But there is that part of me that swoons over anything with chippy paint.  It is that same part that loves to cook nightly meals for my boys, adores my cutting garden in Montauk, and can’t pass up a good farmer’s or flea market.  Heck, Larry and I are choosing neighborhoods for our future home in NYC based on how close the apartment would be to the legendary Union Square Green Market.

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