If you search the term spool furniture on Pinterest,  you will turn up a bevy of not always attractive DIY tables, chairs and bookcases made from super-sized spools.  Such projects are not true spool furniture.  The real deal, and related terms Read more [...]


If there ever was an winner for the most overused phrase in design speech, it would be "go for Baroque!"  Yuck! How about a ban? The Baroque style has an aura of "I know it when I see it." but there are some defining characteristics.  Let's go Read more [...]

CURATED: Affordable Treasures from the Sale of the Property in Sotheby’s Show House

Many people have the wrong impression that you need to be a millionaire to shop at Sotheby's.  That is not true. There are many, many objects sold in the low thousands, and while that price range may likely be an investment purchase for most, often Read more [...]

DESIGNER SECRETS: Five Tips on Living With Art and Antiques Gleaned From Sotheby’s Show House

Let's face it.  Sometimes when you attend a show house, you might leave wowed by the designers' creativity, but somehow you just can't quite see how the designs could fit in a real home. That is decidedly not the case with the show house assembled Read more [...]

DESIGNER WHO’S WHO: The Memphis Group

Do you know the Memphis Group? No, it's not a new band out of Nashville--although it takes its name from a Bob Dylan song. The Memphis Group was mentioned no less than 6 times in last weekend's always chic T Magazine, as the hottest revival Read more [...]