That’s me with the cat-eye glasses :-D

This past weekend, I visited my hometown of Pittsburgh with my oldest son Patrick  to visit my 78 year old Mom and 89 year old Uncle.  It was a lovely, albeit brief, interlude in our busy schedules filled with memories.

Sweetest thing: after Pat’s beloved  great-Uncle Al heard Pat speak so enthusiastically about his art major at college, he pulled Pat over to a Currier & Ives print he had hanging on the wall. (Funny how I just did a Currier and Ives post).  Uncle Al was a riverboat captain and, as you can see below, this particular print depicts a famous steamboat race that he participated in.  Al asked Pat to paint it for him.  Of course, Patrick was touched and promised that it would be his project for next semester.  You can bet I will share a snap of the finished painting.

My darling uncle piloted a steamboat in this race back in 1949


As you read this, I will hopefully be recovering from  painful, but regenerative shots, in my injured elbow and wrist.  Something to do with injecting my own platelets into the injuries to promote healing.  All typing is off limits for an unspecified number of days.  Please don’t forget me!

While I am healing, I thought I would leave you with links to some of my most  popular posts–a few of them feel like old memories because I wrote them so long ago. I am told it is a good thing that the posts have enjoyed such a long shelf life.  Hope to be back soon.

1. Curtis Jere, maker of popular metal wall sculpture,  is actually 2 people.

2. Stay cozy and collect Hudson Bay and Pendleton blankets.

3.  Suzani and Ikat love.

4. It’s chilly January and folks keep clicking on my snowflake post.

5. After last Sunday’s premiere of Downton Abbey, I am infatuated with all things English Country.

6. People are still asking a question I posed during my first year of blogging, accent walls: love ’em or leave ’em?

A very personal “Now and Then:” Patrick and Uncle Al


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