FALL TREND: Out of Africa

Global Influence in Home DecorOur global world continues to be a big influence on home décor this fall, especially the saturated colors and bold geometrics found in Africa.

Global influence in home decor

Global influence in home decor

The easiest way to look like a world traveler without leaving your arm chair, is to incorporate brightly colored textiles (think rugs, pillows and table linens) and ceramics in your home. Good sources are Serena & Lily and West Elm.

Global influence in home decor

Want to make a bigger commitment?

Go with some bold wallpaper, like the vibrant patterns offered by Aphrochic, or—open the safety deposit box– Hermes. The famed French design house has just issued jungle themed wallpaper based on a scarf design by Robert Dallet.

Global influence in home decor

Global Influence in Home Decor


And if the bright colors don’t work for you? No problem. The bold geometrics look just as fabulous in neutral tones (in my book, red is a neutral).

global Influence in Home Decor

Global Influence in Home Decor

Like all good trends, there is even a fashion component. The easiest way to indulge your African sartorial fantasies is with some beaded jewelry, like these necklaces from Africa Nova.

Global influence in fashion

So go ahead, dream of Africa.

Out of Africa movie

Photos and their sources are found on my African Safari Pinterest Board.  Shopping not noted above: First room image shows wallpaper and linens from Aphrochic.  Ceramics and bedroom shot from West Elm.  Tribal rug from West Elm.  Last image from the movie Out of Africa.

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