ADD TO FAVORITES: Lazypoint Variety Store

Lazypoint Variety Store strikes the perfect beachy vibe.  Offering an eclectic mix of bohemian chic goods to dress your body and your home, the place speaks volumes about the personality of its owners–Australian artist Mark Wilson and his girlfriend and muse Brazilian beauty Claudje Bicalho.

In our internet age, it is exceedingly  rare to enter a store and find each item to be so unique that it feels  like a found treasure.  At Lazypoint, it is just that!  Claudje explained that she and Mark search the globe during the winter to source merchandise.  One can find frocks from Argentina, housewares from Bulgaria and all sorts of aborigine type discoveries.


Want to shake up your J.Crew look–stop in. You won’t see these clothes coming and going.  (And vintage books too–Oh My!)

There are tunics and blouses made from vintage scarves–no two are alike.  Love the Florida scarf on this one that Claudje is holding.

Of course Mark’s art is on offer (more on that here).

Plus he did the renovations–including designing and building this charming twiggy pergola where some menswear is hanging.

Most of the home goods are vintage, like this pair of brass lamps, and the 1940s fisherman poster that I took home. (You didn ‘t seriously think I would leave without buying something did you?).

Even the name is “Lazypoint” apt. The store is dubbed after a dead end road on a speck of beach where Mark and Claudje live (I am hoping for a house tour) in Napeague.  Some folks farther west on Long Island (you know, the people  that live in a “Hampton”)  think of Montauk as bohemian and rustic. Well Napeague outdoes Montauk in that area. It is truly one of the last unspoiled outposts on Long Island.

When you enter their boutique located on route 27 just on the outskirts of Amagansett, Claudje and Mark make you feel that you have travelled to the ends of the world, without requiring you to leave the beaten path.

No passport required.

My new poster installed. It loves living in my Montauk house.

All photos by Lynn Byrne. 






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