INTERNET EXPLORER: Favorite Finds Online This Week

I haven’t had time for a links post since early May, but (finally!) the smoke has cleared and the slower days of summer have arrived for me.  The photo above has me wondering how will I spend them.

And, was I the last to know that the photographer who took the photo, Amy Merrick, has a beautiful blog and flickr?

For summer, I try to keep it simple—and the lovely colors and the uncomplicated nature of the weavings of Alicia Scardetta  via Simple Things blog really appeal.

You know how I love to find new artists! The folks at West Elm are so clever at it.  Love the art  by Katie Barnhardt in this picture.

July 4th is just around the corner, and this super easy DIY wreath is the perfect decoration. I am all thumbs when it comes to crafts, but even I can handle this one. Click here for the instructions.

Finally, popsicles and champagne via The Glitter Guide. What’ s not to love?

Enjoy the beautiful weekend everybody.


Where are these links coming from?  I gather my inspiration on my tumblr, found at  While there is always something to read at Decor Arts Now, my tumblr is a visual feast.

It is on my tumblr where I post pictures of the “art” I find in the everyday, in fields as diverse as food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and, of course, interior design.  There are very few words apart from pertinent links for more information. 

Not in the mood to pore over a lengthy article?  Well now you know where to go to just look!  

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