Sneak Peeks from the Photo Shoot at My Montauk House

Completely staged flowers. See the holes in the basket? No water!

Nobody, nowhere lives in a house that is always photo ready.  

Pretty grasses from my Montauk yard. There are empty hooks in my Pelham house where these pictures used to hang.

I certainly don’t. But we just completed a major addition to our beach house in Montauk and it is well-sited with beautiful views of Lake Montauk. I knew that the new master suite was close to photo ready.

And I figured (rather ambitiously it turns out), that if I focused on the other rooms, I could buff them up too. You realize quickly, however, that it is not all about pretty flowers.

Peonies in a lovely shell vase from Home Goods.

Looking at your own house with a hard critical lens can be unnerving.

Suddenly the end tables in an upstairs den were all wrong, I hated the wood bench in the foyer and my old sheets were disgusting! (Luckily Annie Selke and team invited me for a visit to the Berkshires which included shopping at their great Pine Cone Hill outlet store).

Ugly wood finish on bench fixed with some black paint.

Sweet sheets bought at Annie Selke's Pine Cone Hill Outlet Store

The twins’ room hadn’t been touched since we moved in 8 years ago. It required a complete overhaul. I told you my plans for that room here.  (And you can get a closer look at the table sourced at Brimfield here).

Glimpse of new lamp from Home Goods and folksy table from Brimfield

In the last few weeks, I feel like I bought out my local Home Goods and I was in Target literally 5 minutes before we got on the road for Montauk. (Does anyone do a photo shoot without visiting Target and Home Goods?)

Bought these red vases at Target minutes before we left Westchester.

In the end, my wonderful photographer, Ellen McDermott, photographed 4 bedrooms, a dressing room, a small den, our foyer and 4 baths. I wanted to get some outside shots but the weather didn’t cooperate.

Since I fell hard for some fabric in development at Kravet (see it here), I intend to shoot the open-plan living room, dining room and kitchen as soon as my new drapery is installed! :-)

We will do the outside shots then too, plus a large basement family room and laundry room that I finished a few years back.

I can’t show you much. Although I photographed the house for my design portfolio, I will go for the long shot and submit it for print publication. That means no room photos on my blog—the magazines won’t accept it otherwise.

Still, I thought you might get a kick out of these detail shots.

Love this next image of Ellen at work. Don’t miss the stray water bottle on the floor (way out of the camera’s eye), and the top handle of my Swiffer.  

Let’s keep it real folks.

All photos by me.  

Thanks to my friend Lisa (owner of ReposedNY)  for working with me to style the shoot. We had a lot of fun sourcing Brimfield for props, she did a great job arranging flowers and had oodles of patience with my myriad of texts, as I shopped and planned pre-shoot. It was great to bounce ideas off each other for all of the special details that make photographs come alive.

Oh and those pretty green vases above–hers.  I ran out of containers and called her before she left NYC . But you can bet that now I will be looking for some  vases just like them.  Here is a link to her blog on the shoot.

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