NOW AND THEN: Propaganda Posters

Available on Etsy, graphic designer Aaron Wood’s social media rift on classic war propaganda posters are quite witty.  Are you ready to win the social media war?

Propaganda posters were serious business during World War I and World War II.  The posters were used  to justify  a nation’s  involvement in the war and to recruit soldiers and other resources from the general populace. Propaganda poosters also were used to encourage war time thrift and to maintain morale.  During World War I, each nation that participated in the war issued posters,  but it is the USA that produced the most.

Today, reproductions of vintage posters are readily available for sale.   We have all seen Britain’s Keep Calm and Carry On slogan.  Here are a few from All Posters that are less well known. 

There is no doubt that the propaganda poster, both old and new, make you look.


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