INTERNET EXPLORER: Favorite Finds Online This Week

Doesn’t that look scrumptious?  I posted it earlier this week on my tumblr, with a link to the recipe.

While there is always something to read at Decor Arts Now, my tumblr,, is a visual feast.

Not in the mood to pore over a lengthy article?  Well now you know where to go to just look!  

It is on my tumblr where I post pictures of the “art” I find in the everyday, in fields as diverse as food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and, of course, interior design.  There are very few words apart from pertinent links for more information. 

Though regular readers of Decor Arts Now know I have a terrible track record for scheduled columns, I am going to try to post a few of my weekly favorites from my tumblr each weekend on my regular blog.

In addition, to that delicious flatbread, I am really digging Ixxi, a great new source for custom art. Read all about it here. 


This kitchen is unbelievably gorgeous.  The rest of the house is awfully nice also.

These girls are doing aMAHzing things and the design of their homes and businesses reflect it.  LOVE these bright colors and the folk art.  The quote is meaningful too.  See more pictures here.


I also want to welcome my 38 new followers on twitter.  I am especially honored that the esteemed interior design firm, Cullman & Kravis is now following me.  I so admire their work.

More on the honor roll: I loved my spot on Bunny Williams’ Facebook page this week.  If you missed the post she mentions, click here. 


In addition, I was very pleased to hear from a new reader this week, Ian Sanders.  Ian is the chair of the Winsford Trust, which protects a landmarked building in England designed by C.F.A.Voysey.  He liked this post of mine.

Finally, I gained a new follower of all of my boards on Pinterest that some of you might recognize.  Thanks for letting me know, Ben and gang.



Have a great weekend, everybody.  :-)


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