Feb. 17


Rome is Always a Good Idea

by Lynn Byrne


Mood Board by Duralee

Audrey Hepburn said that about Paris and I agree.

But I feel the same way about Rome and I will arrive there today.  (Yippee!)  And while I am there I am going to be feeling a lot of red.

Larry and I are traveling with the twins to attend our warm and caring Archbishop Dolan’s elevation to Cardinal.  Cardinal=red.  Get it?

So what is the Archbishop, soon to be Cardinal, like in person?  You just see the twinkle in his eye better.

We will be staying once again at the gorgeous Hotel Cavalieri.  And though we visited the Vatican Musuem on our last trip, Peter and Chris are eager to return for a special private tour for guests of the new Cardinal.  I must have done something right–my teenage boys want to go back to a museum.

Do check in.  I have some posts scheduled.  Plus, I am bringing my computer.  You never know when you might see something exquisite begging to be shared.  It is Rome after all.

By the way, it is all about the hat.

What will I be wearing?  Unlike Kate, who looks great of course, I will be leaving the hats and red to the new Cardinals.

Photo credits: 1. Mood board by Duralee  2. Marco Di Lauro  3. Southern Fried Catholicism  4. USAToday
 5. Communio  6. bridefinds.com


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2 Responses to “Rome is Always a Good Idea”

  1. quintessence says:

    Well aren’t you a loyal parishioner!! But yes, red was on the runway at many collections, especially Michael Kors, which I will post next week. Have a marvelous time – I haven’t been to Rome in years, well decades actually!!

  2. Lynn says:

    We count ourselves lucky to know Cardinal Dolan personally. He is a treasure.
    Can’t wait to see Michael Kors–I have a soft spot there, though I almost never buy designer clothes…..unless it is thrift or vintage.

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