Jan. 30


Inspired Use of Vintage Finds and the Power of Paint

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne.  I LOVED the town house featured in the New York Times’s home section last Thursday.  Trend-wise, it fits right into the whole “undecorated” look, touted by Dwell Studio founder, Christiane Lemieux.  Plus, the design firm Nightwood used paint and vintage finds so effectively, that I headed right over to their website to see what else they were up to.

I have to share my favorites.  

  • In the photo above, the bottom mirror is old, but the designers made the top mirror and faked age with paint.  The ladder is a perfect way to draw attention to the high ceilings.
  • When found, the coffee table originally had a laminate top that the designers swapped out for marble.  Smart.  I also like how each stool underneath the coffee table is upholstered in a different fabric.

  • Clever how a vintage bar cart was converted into a desk.
  • That pattern on the wall is not light shining through a window.  It’s simply painted to look that way.  So cool.

  • Take a peek  at this kitchen.  Ya, it’s tiny, but I am drooling over that sink and the juxtaposition of the modern, angular art.  Digging the copper pendant and forest green wall color too.

  • More compelling art, objects and furniture, but that black band on the fireplace is genius. 
  • In addition to decorating, Nightwood also has a shop in Brooklyn where they sell repurposed vintage finds, art and objects and custom pieces.  Check out how they revamped this dresser. 
  • Super cute upholstery on these interesting circle chairs. 
  • This desk lamp is an example of one of their custom pieces. 
  • Geometric art currently available at the store. 

Be sure to click over both to their website and to the NYTime’s article to see more.  Locals can visit their shop in Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn.

Photo credits: First 4 pictures from the NYTimes.  Remainder from the Nightwood website.

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3 Responses to “Inspired Use of Vintage Finds and the Power of Paint”

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    Oh, that first photo caught my eye. I spied a little sliver of pink. What a great home!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  2. decorarts says:

    Love those stools underneath the coffee table. Especially the pink one! :-)

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