As the Sun Sets on 2011….

By Lynn Byrne.  Sorry for the cliché, but since I am in the land of beautiful sunsets, I couldn’t resist.  Enjoy.


New York: 



Key West (where the conch will drop over Hemingway’s favorite bar, Sloppy Joes); 

Bye, bye 2011. 

Sources: Photos 1 and 2, Everything Fabulous blog.  Photo 3, Splendid Willow blog.  Photo 4, Martha Stewart Weddings via Pinterest.  Photo 5, Censational Girl blog via Pinterest.  Photo 6, Whimsy Decor Blog.  Photo 7, Martha Stewart via Pinterest.  Photo 8, Elizabeth Ann Designs. Photo 9 from London Hostel.  Photo 10, NYC Tourist, Photo 11, Roma Viva, Photo 12, Destination360.  Photos 13 and 14, me. 

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  1. says


    Saw the link – thank you!

    Yes, bye to 2011 and cheers to a fun, creative and prosperous 2012!

    Read that you used to work for Sotheby’s – lucky girl! I used to import Swedish antiques and just like you I like understated elegance.

    Happy, happy!


  2. says

    Call them cliches if you will, I happen to have enjoyed them! Thank you for making 2011 ever-so-much nicer, may 2012 bring you much love, laughter and health. (I had to add that last one because of last year’s scare.)

    Sending you a New Year’s Eve smile,

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