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By Lynn Byrne.  Look how Marimekko has fancied up the plywood covering the construction of their new flagship store, currently being built in NYC.   I can’t wait to see the finished store and learn what treasures lurk inside (and I will share it all right here).  It is scheduled to open this fall.

Jackie Kennedy made the brand famous in the US when she bought 8 dresses.

Photo via

 And Jackie-O wasn’t the only chic lady to rock Marimekko.

Carrie Bradshaw had some darn nice curtains made out of the stuff. 

Oh you want me to stick to real people, do you?  (You mean C.B. isn’t real?)

Well then, here are the facts:

Marimekko is a Finnish company whose  designs were first developed in 1951.  Architect Benjamin C. Thompson introduced Marimekko to US audiences when he featured the designs in his Design Research stores.  It truly was Jackie  who catapulted the brand to fame when she wore her 8 dresses throughout the 1960 Presidential campaign.

In the mid-1960s, Crate & Barrel began offering Marimekko products  in their stores and this relationship continues today.  Here is a glimpse of the Marimekko shop located within the Crate & Barrel store in Soho. 

And now for a peek at the new fall offerings.  The housewares are expectedly colorful and cheery and guaranteed to bring a smile in your home.  

My plan, however, is to follow in Jackie’s footsteps with a dress.  Right now I am loving the 60’s vibe of the green and black one.  You?  

For more Scandi-love, click here.

Crate & Barrel photo from  Housewares photos from Curbed.  Fall clothes pictures from Racked.  Click over to see more. 

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  1. says

    It is absolutely bound to be charming. Do click over to my other recent Scandi post. There are lots of links to sited that might have furniture and accessories that will work in your new bedroom. All best, Lynn

  2. says

    I LOVED Marimekko!! I’ve even shopped at the store in Finland!! I had a green and black dress from them way back when – same color scheme as what you showed but a different style!!

  3. says

    I have always loved Marimekko! Fortunately my Mum worked for a store which carried it when I was young so I was indoctrinated early. Then had to scavenge while Ikea was the only place to get it – usually just as fabric. My college bedding was one of their prints in blue, yellow and orange. Bold is always more fun! It does make a perfect color key to design a room around as Pam noted.

  4. rotti says

    Hi – I love marimekko too, and share your enthusiasm. But just to set things straight, the dress Jackie is wearing in that photo is definitely NOT a marimekko dress. (I’m not sure who first posted it and said it was marimekko, but whoever it was, they were mistaken!). Thanks, and looking forward to seeing the new NY store…

  5. says

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to mention that I’ve truly loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing in your feed and I’m hoping you write once more soon!

  6. says

    Great article on Marimekko. I have long been of fan of the finnish Marimekko patterns. They are so easy to use in a variety of decorating schemes from ultra modern to chic country garden style that is so timeless…Just like Jackie O.


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