I Married Adventure

By Lynn Byrne.  Nope, this is not another royal wedding post, though Kate certainly did marry adventure.  (And I found the whole event utterly divine.)

I just wanted to call to your attention this new addition to Kate Spade’s line of “book” clutches.  The I Married Adventure book by Osa Johnson is a bit of an icon for design afficionados.  That is my copy above.  I have never cracked it open, despite the fact that I read constantly.  It is the zebra cover that grabs me, and I suspect that I am not alone.

Now you can own it in the purse version for $325.  Free ground shipping at the moment too.  (Perhaps in honor of the royal nuptials??)

Ok, I can’t resist.  With a back “cover” like this, it would be fitting if Kate carried this little number as she took off down the road with her brand new husband.

I found this last image over at The Preppy Princess blog, who I think had the best recap of the wonderful day.

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  1. pretty pink tulips says

    Leave it to Kate Spade to create a conversation piece clutch! Fit for a romantic evening out!!
    xo Elizabeth

  2. says

    This book seems to be a popular volume with decorators – no wonder with such a fabulous cover!! The Kate Spade line of book inspired bags is adorable – I have including in blog posts as well. And you are so right – they are indeed so clever to market heavily on such a romantic day!

  3. says

    Hello Lynn,
    Thank you for your thoughtful words about Osa Johnson’s autobiography I Married Adventure! The Kate Spade “I Married Adventure” purse does indeed cause many to think of Osa’s book. However, Kate Spade does not state the purse is inspired by the book. As a result no proceeds from the sale of the purse go to the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum (book copyright owner) for the preservation of the Johnsons’ collections and legacy. Just thought you should be aware.
    Again, thank you for your interest in the achievements of Osa Johnson.
    Best safari wishes,
    Conrad Froehlich, Director
    Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

  4. says

    I also am a fan of this book and have designed a collection of pillows of the image. They are selling like crazy on my ETSY site and I am thrilled. Take a look. Great post.

    Jane Schott

    Empress of The Eye

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