Aug. 24


Mad for Mid-Century Style

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. September is fashion month and I am so digging the mid-century inspired looks for this fall.  So classic and elegant–right up my alley inside my house and on my body!

All the magazines seem to be doing a “Mad Men” spread, but my favorite is over at Real Simple. I  adore how they integrated iconic mid-century chairs as props for the fashion photos.  Super hip.

The Eero Aarnio bubble chair.

Saarinen’s womb chair.

Le Corbusier’s chaise.

I want everything.

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Aug. 23


Interior Design by The Blind Side’s Leigh Anne Tuohy: A Mystery

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. Suddenly all of my kids are in high school!  Whoa, how did that happen??

So what does that have to do with the design work of Leigh Anne Tuohy, made famous for her inspirational story told in the film The Blind Side?  Well, today my newly minted freshmen, Chris and Peter, begin pre-season football.  Since football plays a starring role in the  movie, and like me, Leigh Anne Tuohy has a career in design, featuring her work in my blog today seemed like a good idea.

Problem is that despite an exhaustive internet search, I couldn’t find any photos of Leigh Anne’s work.  Sure, the address and phone number of her interior design firm, Flair 1 Interior, pops right up, but she does not have a website for her business.  Imagine that.  I didn’t think that was even possible in this day and age.

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Aug. 18


INSIDE MONTAUK: Montauk Pink By Prada-OH MY!!

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. Yikes!  Somehow I missed it!  Prada dedicated some transparent frame sunglasses with pink lenses to my beloved Montauk.  People here seem to be resisting though.  Perhaps “too Hamptons” for MTK??

I have just spent 3 weeks in Montauk with almost daily visits to famed surfer beach Ditch Plains and I have not seen anyone wearing them.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Photo linked to its source.

Aug. 17


Rocker Chic Quilts

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. Quilt and “edge-y” are generally not in the same sentence.  Colorful, graphic, sentimental, granny but no way “edge-y.”

That is true until you see the quilts of Boo (Love the name–To Kill a Mockingbird anyone?) Davis.  Boo says she makes quilts “just like your metal-loving half blind grandmother would.”

OK, I agree with the metal loving part, but no one who is half blind could make these.  Crank up the Guns and Roses and take a look.

Photo via

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Aug. 16


INSIDE MONTAUK: Oceanfront Condos with a Perfect Panorama

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. People in Montauk were freaking out when the venerable Panoramic View Hotel was sold to an unknown developer, Adam Manson.  Rumors swirled.  Was he going to rip it all down and build an 8-story luxury tower?

Oh my.  That would ruin Montauk!  (It really, really would.)

But fortunately Manson respected the site and has created some beautiful luxury residences.  Actually some of the best oceanfront condo living around.  You can own one or just rent a resort guest room.  

One of my favorite designers, Philip Gorrivan, had the opportunity to decorate a model unit so you could get an idea of what could be done with the space.  (A lot.)

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