May. 26


Photoshop Hocus Pocus

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. Now they are a purple-pink.

Snap! And now they are red.  

Wonder what color those flowers were in real life??

Photograph by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Elle Decor.

May. 25


Color Theory: More Black and White

by Lynn Byrne

By Lynn Byrne. I just didn’t get enough.  While I know other bloggers have featured black and white rooms, I have not. And after a super fab time at Le Caprice last week, I can’t get black and white interiors off my mind.

Plus, I find when you are choosing a new color scheme, it is always helpful to see loads of photos using the palette you are considering.  So I have convinced myself that it is OK for me to show you some black and white rooms that I have recently come across.  Folks searching for black and white decor will hopefully find a nice collection right here.

I have tried to select images that I have not been seen on a lot of other blogs.  For example, you won’t be viewing the J.Crew powerhouse, Jenna Lyons’ bedroom here.  Just google “Jenna Lyons bedroom” and you will find it.  Plus, if what I post has not satisfied you, here is a link to Door Sixteen blog for even more monochrome images.  She does black and white frequently.  Now onto the photos.

Room by Suzanne Kasler in the Spring 2010 Decor

Former attorney, turned designer Darryl Carter (a guy after my own  heart) often works with black and white.

Next 3 photos via VT Interiors

A contemporary open plan living/dining space in black and white.

Next 2 photos by James Merrell for Australia Vogue Living

French style updated with black and white.

Next 2 photos from the June Living Etc.

Next photo from British House and Garden

A classic black and white kitchen.

Photo from the Spring/Summer 2009 Decor

I love how stylist and designer Tricia Foley establishes the palette with her collection of black Wedgewood.  The solid black stoneware is called basalt ware.  Josiah Wedgewood added manganese and iron oxide from local coal mines to obtain the black color.

Next 2 photos by Jeff McNamara via New York Spaces

A black and white room requires alot of discipline but there is a big pay off in the drama department!

First photo from Hamptons Cottages and Gardens.

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