Sneak Peek at Ina Garten’s Secret Garden

By Lynn Byrne. For the third sneak peak this week, I have some photos of Ina Garten’s beautiful property in East Hampton, New York.  There are lots of pictures of the inside of her new barn (amazing).  Click here for the House Beautiful slide show.

Photo from Nest Egg

You also can find shots, like this one, of her apartment in New York on flickr (click here) and  The apartment has Belgian influences.

But there is not much of the outside grounds.

On April 22, 2010, the East Hampton Star reported on her gardens and included a few pictures.

The walled garden outside of her barn really has the feel of being secret.  It also is inspired by Ina’s love for Belgian design.  Apparently, however, that lovely lavender is a pain to grow out East—the climate is too temperate and not hot and dry enough.  Ina (well actually one of Ina’s several gardeners) pulls out dead plants regularly and replaces them.  Then she mourns the fact that the new plant is a bit small.

Photo from the East Hampton Star

Here are some more shots of the barn garden.

Photo from

Photo from Picky and Fussy

This is the outdoor living room at the barn.

Photo from

In this next shot, if you look off into the distance, you see her house.  If you look closely on the lawn, you will see the massive  stairs (in grass) that connect the 2 properties.

Photo from

The barn and house gardens are markedly different in style.  The house garden has an English cottage look.

Photo from the East Hampton Star

In the house garden, Ina devotes beds for cutting, so she has plenty of flowers to make arrangements for entertaining.

Photo via Verbose Coma

To see more, we will have to get invited to one of Ina’s parties.  The group below looks to be having a great time, and though it was not so identified, I am guessing this is outside in the house garden.  Ina, I will be just down the road in Montauk for most of August in case you decide to have a few people over (hint, hint).

Photo via

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